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Keeping Your Cool: Managing Emotions in Conflict

Podcast Show Notes: Managing Emotions and Conflict Resolution

In this comprehensive discussion on managing emotions and resolving conflicts, various tools and strategies are explored to navigate challenging conversations and maintain healthy relationships.

Understanding Emotional Responses:

  • The conversation begins by acknowledging the complexity of emotional responses, especially in high-conflict situations.
  • Emotions like frustration and desperation often arise when individuals feel unheard or invalidated by the other party.

Tools for Emotional Regulation:

  • Practical tools are discussed for managing strong emotions during difficult conversations.
  • Grounding oneself internally is emphasized, highlighting the importance of not overly relying on external factors for emotional stability.

Preparation for Conflict:

  • Prior preparation for conflict is recommended, including affirming internally that one's validation doesn't depend on the other party's approval.
  • Setting boundaries around communication and emotional engagement is crucial for maintaining composure during heated discussions.

Biblical Principles in Conflict Resolution:

  • The discussion incorporates biblical teachings on conflict resolution, emphasizing the importance of gentle communication and avoiding harsh words.
  • Anecdotes are shared to illustrate how calm and empathetic responses can defuse tense situations.

Addressing Lingering Relationship Issues:

  • The conversation shifts to addressing unresolved issues within relationships, such as past infidelity.
  • The importance of acknowledging the impact of past actions and showing compassion for the affected party is emphasized.

Individual Responsibility vs. Relationship Dynamics:

  • While individuals are responsible for their own healing and emotional well-being, genuine efforts from both parties are necessary for resolving relationship issues.
  • Seeking professional help for unresolved trauma or emotional distress is encouraged, alongside self-reflection for personal growth.


  • This comprehensive discussion underscores the importance of self-awareness, boundary-setting, and compassionate communication in navigating challenging conversations and resolving conflicts within relationships.
  • Practical strategies are integrated with biblical principles to provide a holistic approach to emotional regulation and conflict resolution.

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JADE stands for Justify, Argue, Defend, Explain, a tool to recognize unproductive patterns in arguments.

BIFF stands for Brief, Informative, Friendly, Firm, a method for managing communication in contentious situations.



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