Monday Jul 31, 2023

From Abuse to Empowerment: Ayana’s Faith Journey

Disclaimer: The content shared in this episode contains sensitive and potentially triggering topics related to domestic abuse and miscarriage. Listener discretion is advised.

1: The Beginning of the Destructive Marriage

  • Ayana and her current husband met after both having experienced previous failed marriages.
  • They initially appeared to be a perfect match with similar spiritual values, but things changed drastically after they got married.
  • Ayana's husband started exhibiting controlling and verbally abusive behavior, and she couldn't understand where it was coming from.
  • Friends and family were concerned about Ayana and tried to check on her, but they were unable to share their concerns before the wedding due to her husband's request for secrecy.

2: Unraveling the Truth

  • Ayana gradually realized her husband had deep-seated issues and unresolved trauma from past relationships, which led to a hatred of women.
  • He would use Scripture to condemn her instead of using it to support and guide her on her spiritual journey.
  • Ayana's husband also struggled with financial control, withdrawing money during arguments and insisting on separate financial plans.

3: The Accusation After Miscarriage

  • yana and her husband experienced a traumatic miscarriage after arguments and stress surrounding her previous husband's near-death experience.
  • Heartbreakingly, Ayana's husband accused her of "murdering" their unborn children, causing immense pain and emotional distress.

4: A Mother's Struggle: The Desperate Cry for Safety

  • Ayanna discusses hitting a breaking point in her marriage, facing abuse on every level, including physical, and her realization that she needed to seek help for the sake of her children.
  • The traumatic incident with her ex-husband that led to a life-altering injury and its impact on Ayanna and her family.
  • Ayanna's internal conflict and emotional turmoil when her current husband demanded her not to make physical contact with her ex-husband during a visit.
  • Ayanna shares the intense emotional and physical abuse she endured during a heated argument with her current husband.
  • The fear and helplessness she felt when he aggressively confronted her and the moment she realized she needed to escape for her own safety and the well-being of her children.
  • Ayanna's internal struggle with the decision to leave and her faith-based approach to seeking guidance from God.

5: Finding Support and Strength

  • Ayanna's discovery of Leslie Vernick's work and Conquer, which provided her with the language and understanding of emotional destructive marriages.
  • The transformative power of being part of the Conquer community, where Ayanna found support, biblical guidance, and the encouragement she needed to build her safety plan and exit strategy.
  • How prayer, surrendering to God, and surrounding herself with a supportive community empowered Ayanna to face the challenges ahead.

6: The Decision to Leave

  • Ayanna's spiritual journey in seeking God's guidance in her decision to leave the abusive relationship.
  • The pivotal moment at a prophetic event where Ayanna received a clear message from God, affirming her path towards healing and restoration.
  • The importance of recognizing her worth as a child of God and setting boundaries to prioritize her safety and well-being.

7: Embracing Healing and Wholeness

  • Ayanna's gradual transition towards healing and wholeness after filing for divorce and separating from her abuser.
  • The importance of taking ownership of her emotions and focusing on self-improvement and self-love.
  • Ayanna's current state, working full-time, and living with precautions in place while she prepares for a new chapter in her life.

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