Monday Jun 10, 2024

Does Intent Matter? Navigating Harm in Marriage

In this episode Leslie and Julie dive into the complex topic of intent and its role in destructive relationships. They explore the distinction between deeply selfish actions and those stemming from misguided theology, mental or physical illness, or past traumas. The discussion highlights whether intent should influence how we process harm and respond within our marriages, even when unintentional damage occurs.

Key Points:

  • Intent vs. Impact:

    • The importance of recognizing that even unintentional actions can cause significant harm.
    • The need for restitution and justice regardless of intent.
  • Forgiveness and Amends:

    • The balance between forgiveness and the necessity for repair and restitution.
  • Addressing Harm in Marriage:

    • The importance of acknowledging and addressing the harm caused, even if unintentional.
    • The role of genuine repentance and changed behavior in rebuilding trust.
  • When to Stop Bringing Up Past Hurts:

    • The necessity of ongoing conversation and understanding the victim's perspective.
    • The difference between genuine repentance and dismissing the victim's feelings.
  • Trust and Safety in Relationships:

    • The critical role of trust and safety in maintaining a healthy marriage.
    • Examples of irreparable breaches of trust, such as adultery or financial deceit.
  • Mental Illness and Responsibility:

    • The balance between compassion for mental illness and maintaining personal boundaries.
  • Sacrificial Suffering and Boundaries:

    • The distinction between noble sacrifices and enabling harmful behavior.
    • The importance of not sacrificing one's well-being to enable another's worst behavior.
  • Recognizing True Change:

    • Identifying genuine changes in behavior and heart versus superficial compliance.
    • The importance of mutual care and respect in a truly healthy relationship.

Listener Takeaways:

  • Self-Worth and Dignity:

    • Understanding that a partner's indifference or cruelty is a reflection of their character, not your worth.
    • Embracing your value as an individual and image bearer of God.
  • Living in Reality:

    • The power of facing the truth about your relationship for making informed decisions.
    • The importance of personal growth and becoming your best self.


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Wednesday Jun 12, 2024

If only I had this loving information before I was discarded. Thank you

Monday Jun 10, 2024

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