Monday Apr 17, 2023

Ask Leslie!

In this episode Leslie answers these listener questions:

  1. So how do you deal with your husband when you remove yourself either to a different room or a walk in the woods or even leaving the house and he tells your that you are just running from your problems.
  2. My husband had been verbally and sexually abusing me for years. I told him I want a separation a month and a half  ago l. He finally moved to another room a month ago and started going to therapy, church, acting nicer and helping around the house. I see he is acting better but I don’t feel differently. I told him so and he got very upset and said if I don't want to work on it I need to start paying my way. What am I to do if I can’t get the feelings back? All I have is trauma and pain.
  3. My marriage falls into the "deeply disappointing" rather than the destructive category. It is so hard to know what to do because the thought of making an exit seems to be for my own comfort or the possibility to find someone more compatible and that seems selfish and like "not reason enough" to me. Please give me your thoughts about this.
  4. Every time I make up my mind that I need to leave my marriage, I will get some unexpected “sign” that I think is from God and it makes me do a 180* and stay and try again to throw myself back into my marriage and to forgive and forget and to believe that “now” is not the moment and God will let me know the time to leave.
  5. What’s a baby step we can put into practice to be self aware?
  6. How do you become self aware when you're being gaslighted?
  7. How to deal with the loneliness when letting go of the marriage?
  8. I have been doing this for quite sometime and I have noticed it is worse.  I am terrified to leave.  I have no family and desire to know how to get over this intense fear.
  9. The burning question in my heart is: I said “for better or for worse” in my marriage vows. Do I have the right to be rejecting him being “for worse?"

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